I am not going to lie, I took this review mainly because The Hunny Bun was created by sisters living in Houston, TX. I am all about supporting local businesses in my community. But now that I have The Hunny Bun in my house, I realize how easy it is to have this fun, stylish option for my thin hair. This is one of those Gifts for Mom that you will use over and over again!

The Hunny Bun

We want to be pretty and, lately, the bun has been coming back. I’ve not worn many because when I do, my thin hair makes more of a sad looking bump with no style. Certainly nothing I would ever wear out in public! The Hunny Bun, in about 30 seconds, gave me a full, pretty bun that I would proudly wear anywhere!

The Hunny Bun™ is owned by twin sisters, Alexis Cartwright-Tower & Gentra Cartwright who live in Houston, TX. The sisters noticed that the bun was making a comeback, but couldn’t find the right way to make the perfect bun. They were convinced that a majority of women, like themselves, were real Hunnies…with real hair…and a sock was simply not the solution. They believed women deserved a quality, easy-to-use hair tool that could help them successfully achieve this stylish, yet classic, look! The Hunny Bun™ was born from this concept.

Recently, the  Hunny Bun’s sales have skyrocketed largely due to the fact they are selling on OpenSky. OpenSky.com connects merchants to customers in the only marketplace powered by social connections. It’s a  free social shopping marketplace dedicated to  building the businesses of small merchants like HunnyBunny. In a few  short months, Hunny Bun’s business has grown nearly 60% from opening their storefront  on the OpenSky platform. Now, women from around the country are sporting Hunny Buns! Go check out OpenSky to find Hunny Bunny and more! 

Now that you want one, I can easily say that this is so easy! The Hunny Bun comes on different sizes. I received a larger one in blonde and a smaller one in brown. Since my hair is thin, I used the smaller one to create my look. Each Bun comes with The Hunny Bun, a hair tie and a hair pin to help your bun shows it’s best.

The Hunny Bun

Basically, use the tie to make your pony tail, slide The Hunny Bun up the ponytail, roll it up to the base and spread your hair out over it. Use the pin to secure the Bun and you are sporting a full, beautiful bun in no time at all!

I LOVE this! Perfect for all hair types, The Hunny Bun let’s you be in style – whether a casual bun with jeans or a slick bun for a night out – at an affordable price!

Get your The Hunny Bun today on Open Sky!

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