Get ready, Mom. It is your turn! Your turn to be pampered, feel beautiful and win one of the great gifts for mom! I am SO SO SO excited that I got to try Mía Mariú’s Colors for Your Every Mood Make-Up pack and report back that I love it! The colors the quality and the feeling I get from mixing and matching make my moods as mom, business owner, and real woman shine!

mia mariu cosmetics

I am a  busy woman and the easy to use, fits in my purse compact that contains powder, blush and three awesome mood supporting eye shadows is a hit in my book.

As a mom, I want to have the convenience of an easy to use product that I can dab on in the spare time I have during then day. With the look below I used the Magic Satin Powder on my whole face, then added the Sexy purple eye shadow to some toned down Savvy brown as a base. I added some light mascara and a slight hint of the Blushing Blush and finished the whole look with the Beso Hydrating Stick Gloss. What do you think? Am I ready for the PTO meeting?

mia mariu cosmetics

As a business owner – at ADayinMotherhood.com, SheKnows.com and my Social Media Company – I want to look respectable but still feminine in my Skype and in person meetings. I used the same Magic Satin Powder, added some heavier Savvy brown eye shadow in the creases and then topped this look with the Mia Hydrating Stick Gloss. I think I look ready to close a serious deal, don’t you?

mia mariu cosmetics

For my final look, I might actually date again one day. So I am honing that “sexy, real woman’ look that I have lacked over the years. I took the Sexy purple and the Flirty blue eye shadow and made my eyes pop with the deep, seductive colors. I added a little more blush – though I never wear a ton – added some more mascara and the finished with the Diva (seems appropriate!) Hydrating Stick Gloss! I think any man would have a hard time not turning his head… don’t you (be gentle – LOL).

mia mariu cosmetics

I had not really heard of Mía Mariú before they offered me this awesome pack of products. After using them for a few weeks now, changing my Colors for My Every Mood, I look forward to using more of their products for my skin care! Thy have an entire line of Botanical Beauty products like moisturizers, anti aging and more. They even have fragrances that I am dying to try!

Get your beauty on and express who you are – at the moment – with Colors for Your Every Mood!


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