I am a Tickety-Toc Ambassador and solemnly swear to give you my honest opinion on the show and everything Tickety Toc!

Tickety Toc Ambassador

I have been telling you how awesome the new show Tickety-Toc is and how much my kids love it. So when I found out that there was a line of toys to compliment the Chime Time Adventures DVD coming out exclusively at Toys ‘R Us, I was all over doing the happy dance! These are awesome gifts for kids!

Tickety Toc Toys

I don’t even know how to tell you how incredibly excited my girls were to get these toys! We received some really great stuff, too!

Tommy and Tallulah Talking Dolls – Fans of the Tickety Toc series can relive their favorite chime time escapades with these 10-inch, interactive Tommy and Tallulah dolls. Based on the show’s fun-loving, problem-solving twins, the dolls each say several recognizable phrases and sing the show’s theme song. My girls LOVED this! Megan pushed and pushed the button and sang and danced – though she ran for the video – and I hear it throughout the day still!

Watch Megan play with Tallulah as she sings:

Tommy and Tallulah Mini Plush – These new beanies are mini versions of twins Tommy and Tallulah – and the perfect cuddly companions for young Tick Tocketeers to take along on their own adventures! These are PERFECT for travel, sleeping friends and stocking stuffers too! They have yarn arms and legs that wiggle and my kids love it!

Tickety Toc Toys

Tickety Toc Floor Puzzle – This puzzle lets my kids build the Tickety Toc Clubhouse on the floor! They created it and then used the mini plush dolls to play on it! The other puzzle you can get is the Wooden Puzzle! I have it on my Christmas list!

Tickety Toc Toys

How cute are these? You could do an entire Christmas theme for your kids this year and Tickety Toc them out! See all of the toys available, and the DVD on the Tickety Toc Website!