For a while now, my kids have learned using the amazing DVD’s from Rock ‘N Learn. With entertaining educational DVD’s for preschoolers to High School, they use animation, song and more to help you guide your kids through the complicated world of school! These are the perfect gifts for kids and with the holidays coming up, it is the perfect time to gather and help Santa stuff the stockings!

Rock 'N Learn Sight Words

There is a reason that Rock ‘N Learn has won over 150 awards. As a very happy user, I can confidently say that they deserve each one of them.

Years ago, my daughter Katie started with the preschool DVD’s and now, in 2nd grade, she reads at a 4th grade level. I definately give Rock ‘N Learn the credit for that. With Sarah in Kindergarten now and Megan in Preschool, I was so excited to receive the Sight Word DVD’s – Levels 1 – 3.

The levels cover all of the Dolch words through 1st grade and more and are all taught in context and meaning. Rock ‘N Learn used song, rhyme, and humor to get results. My kids have no idea that these are educational but they sure love to sing the songs and play the games that are throughout each one.

I can not stress enough how important early education is for kids. This is the time we, as parents, build their eternal love of learning and the base for their self confidence. But, I, for one, am no teacher. So having the tools that can help me are invaluable. I love love love Rock ‘N Learn and continue to be completely impressed with the products they put out.

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Do you have kids struggling with reading, math, science and more? Or do they just need a little help here and there? How about introducing something above their level to prepare them for the next grade?

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