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The name you give to your child is a gift that remains for a lifetime

This beautiful book, My Name is Leona, is on a mission to finally appreciating her unusual name.

My Name is Leona Book

Mom’s Choice Award 2013 Gold Rating

Carol Gahara Harris disliked her name as a child and from that came this wonderful story.  Her lifelong dream to write a children’s book has come true with My Name is Leona!  Hopefully, there are several more enriching stories from Carol Gahara Harris, who has a beautiful name!

Like the author, Leona never names her dolls or stuffed animals – it’s just too difficult to decide on the right name! – and vows to change her name when she grows up.

Naming her pet goldfish offers a whole new challenge, and the trouble doesn’t end when Leona finds herself torn between two names while trying to name her cat.

As it dawns on Leona that choosing the right name is hard to do, she goes to the source. Finally she realizes that her own name is special – as special as she is – and that it was picked ‘on purpose, with love, and deliberately!’

In fact, every name in this story was selected with the utmost care. ‘Leona’ was the name of the author’s beloved grandmother, and even the alternate names Leona tries out are the names of the author’s daughters, mother, mother-in-law, sisters, and her other grandmother.

Charming and sweet, this story reveals just exactly how Leona learns to love her name and the many mishaps she experiences as she comes to realize that choosing one, for herself or someone else, is anything but easy.

Check out this wonderful book and get it for your kids!

My Name is Leona teaches and inspires all at the same time!