My daughters love each other dearly. Despite the fighting, when one or the other is not there, they ask when they will be back. But, no matter how close that bond is, the girls still want to shine as individuals. They want everyone to know who they are and what they love to do! Products, like the ones NameArt offer, can help them do just that!


Remember when we were kids and we had the bookmarks and such that had our names that we cherished? Well, NameArt creates those along with anything else that your kids want personalized! And they do it with flair!

NameArt.com creates placemats, pillows, posters and more. But the cool thing about NameArt is that, by the time you choose the font and design, you have a totally fun and unique item for your child!

My daugther, Katie, reads like a maniac. If she can get her hand on a book, she is a happy girl. So it seemed that she would most benefit from a fun and durable bookmark right now. So, I got online, invited her to join me, and created a bookmark just for her.


NameArt.com has 20+ hand-drawn and colored letter styles to choose from. From Fairies and Wizards to Robots and Teddy Bears; everyone will find a style perfect for the special child in their lives. Gift givers can even sit down with the recipient to modify the body color of the Dragons or Teddy Bear letters to match the colors of a bedroom or playroom. You can even make letters within one name different colors or choose different styles. It’s so fun and easy! The possibilities are endless yet the process is so affordable. Gifts begin at just $11.

Katie is a mermaid lover so we chose that letter design for her. We created her bookmark in a matter of minutes and a few days later, we had the real life version in our hands! She absolutely loves it and moves it from book to book!

These simple, but personal, gifts are perfect gifts for girls and boys of any age!


Check out the NameArt Website and start building your personal gifts now!