disclMy girl are reading and education sponges right now. I am trying to encourage that at this age so that, later on, when puberty hits, they can still have a love for learning. Educational DVD’s are a great way to make learning fun and exciting. Like Scholastic Storybook Treasures ‘Don’t Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late‘ and ‘Children Make Terrible Pets‘.

Scholastic Treasures

These nationally acclaimed, award winning DVD’s are often shown in my children’s school so to have them at home creates a unique bond that we all love. In the Mo Willem’s DVD Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late, there are three animated adaptations of stories by the New York Times best seller.

When it gets dark outside, a very stubborn Pigeon will not go to bed! This is fantastic for all of my kids, none of which like to go to bed! I curled them up with me on the couch, put on the Read Along function  – which also helps promote great reading – and watched as the pigeon learned that going to bed does not have to be scary! When I put my kids to bed that night, we talked about the pigeon and it did seem to be an easier routine!

The second DVD, Children Make Terrible Pets – I have found this to be true as well! – Peter Brown’s beloved book comes to life on screen. In this super cute story, a bear named Lucy, finds a child in the woods and brings the little boy home. As Lucy’s mother tries to explain how children make terrible pets, Lucy rebels and tries to prove her wrong.

My kids thought that this DVD was hysterical! I also used the read Along feature on this DVD and my kids laughed and learned about keeping a ‘pet’.

Both of these DVD’s are great Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls and can be purchased online and in stores!