Creativity is key for little ones. It builds confidence, thinking skills and even hand – eye coordination. When the creativity is in the form of a fun craft, it is even better. My kids and I think that great gifts for 3 year old girls and boys (and older) is text-UR 3D Craft Kits!

Text-Ur 3D Foam Crafts

text-UR required no coloring, no painting, no cutting and no mess! The kids just peel and stick to create 3D creations that they can use as magnets on the fridge, stick to their walls, create photo frames with and so, so much more!

Use the 3D space-urs, which are peel and stick, stackable squares included in most text-UR Foam products to create an instant wow effect and make ordinary arts & crafts projects extraordinary. The 3D text-UR Foam sheets come in 6 bright colors and cool textures like Wavy, Scaly and Terry Cloth!

Text-Ur 3D Foam Crafts

We had so much fun with these! First, not once during the hour that my kids created their art did they ask for the TV to be on, their tablets or my phone! Nor did they need so much help that I had to be sitting right there to help them. I actually cleaned the kitchen while they quietly worked creating fun, vibrant and colorful crafts!

Be careful when you take the shaped foam out of the package. It is taped in and I pulled so hard I ripped the worm in one of the packs! But these are perfectly durable for my kids. And with the text-urs changing from sheet to sheet, my kids got to feel the soft foam and commented on how ‘cool’ it was as they worked!

Text-Ur 3D Foam Crafts

Do you have crafty kids? How about kids who have creativity that needs to come out! Check out text-UR and get your kids! They range from $2.99 – $9.99 so they are totally affordable! Look for these at Michael’s too!

To get your kids crafting, (1) of my readers will WIN their choice of prize packs!

Text-Ur 3D Foam Crafts

Standard Package • Total retail value: $27.95 • Photo attached (This is the one I got)

·       1 shape kit- The bug kit  7.99 value

·       1 frame kit (flower theme) 3.99 value

·       1 Bee Standup kit 3.99 value

·       1 turtle standup kit (exclusive to Michaels) 3.99 value

·       1 foam sheets kit (the package of Multi color sheets)7.99 value


The Crafty Package • Total Retail Value: $23.96 • Photo attached

·       1 shape kit 3.99 value

·       2 FOAM sheet KITS 7.99  each

·       1 OWL KIT- (exclusive to Michaels)


 Congratulations to our winner Emily E.!!