My kids love to learn. My oldest LOVES to read, my middle one loves to create and write and my little one is getting into puzzles and games. Some toys that are marked for and are great gifts for 6 month old girls and up, are awesome games for older kids too. HABA, a company that I am coming to love, has a ton of toys that can grow with your kids!

I was lucky enough to receive a great counting game that is marked for age 2 and up and a Boating Set that was marked from infant and up. Both toys are easily loved by my 4 year old!

HABA My First Counting Game

My Very First Games – Counting Fun was a HUGE hit for her. I loved sitting with her and watching her discover this fun game. I love that the board game is a puzzle. Having her put it together helps enhance her hand eye coordination, matching skills and deductive reasoning!

That is just the beginning of the fun! There are several ways to play this game with kids. With younger children, you can place Farmer Tim in the middle of the board and have the kids find the animals, count the butterflies and more. As they age, you can have them roll the die and play the counting game. Watch Megan’s excitement below:

Seriously, how incredibly fun is this?  The pieces are large and wooden and the rules are fairly simple for little ones to understand. In fact, I wish my phone had been charged, because my oldest ones help my little one play it. And with the varieties of ways to play, it never gets boring for them! When my girls outgrow this, I will be donating it to the preschool (think Holiday Teacher Gifts!)

Any bath toy is awesome. But a toy that has three components and lets kids fill, pour drain and make a boat go are tons of fun! Now, I don’t take photos of my kids in the bath so please use your imagination at how much fun the Boating Set with three pieces and tons of fun ways to play is!

Boating Set


All of my kids get a piece and they all work together, laughing and playing! So super cute for an infant to a little child!

Check out these other awesome toys that HABA has for kids that can grow with you kids!

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