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If you will remember, I was incredibly blessed to receive a GhostBed mattress several months ago. Since then, my sleep has improved dramatically. The only time I wake up anymore is if one of the kids calls for me at night. Luckily, that is a rarity anymore so I am sleeping soundly 6 hours a night and I love it. With the quality of sleep improvement, I have more energy during the day, a more positive outlook and the motivation to get things done! If I had to complain about anything, it was that in order to fall asleep, I had to ball up my pillows just right to fall asleep. But let’s be honest, the best feeling of a pillow is that cool spot that you get to lay your head on. It gets warm fast though and I lose that as I toss and turn and play the pillow games. Well, with NEW GhostPillow, however, both problema are now solved as it not only cradles my head exactly the way I need it to, but it also releases a cool burst every time you lay on it or move around! The innovative technology keeps it cool in real-time! It is awesome!

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Over the years I have purchased all kinds of pillows. Firm, soft, down… if it was on the market, I probably tried it. But I have to modify them all. I have to fold the soft ones, punch the firm ones until they soften and stack the medium ones while bunching one up to sleep. If I did wake in the middle of the night for any reason, it took that much longer to fall asleep due to pillow readjustment. In addition, I have to flip it over several times to get that oh so wonderful cooling effect that lets me relax into sleep. I am also one of those people that sleeps with a pillow between my knees due to restless leg syndrome. Finding the perfect pillow that won’t bunch up or move and relieve the leg pain has been a challenge.

So when I was asked to try out the new Cooling GhostPillow, I knew the company has already had a positive impact on my sleep with the mattress and was excited to see if these high quality, memory foam pillows could help too! Plus, I really, really wanted a pillow that was actually cool every time I moved around on it!

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Just like the mattress, I needed a few days to ‘break’ them in. They are firm but so luxurious. My head just sinks into them and forms the perfect shape, allowing me to sleep without moving or bunching up the pillow. When I get up, the pillow reforms and is ready to support my head again. But the best part is that they really DO cool real-time and no matter how much I move, the pillow stays cool!

In addition, they create the perfect formation around my knees at night too. Since using one of the pillows I got to reduce my leg pain, I have not had to adjust the pillow while sleeping and have not had any pain.

I have now slept on GhostPillow for a few weeks and, if it was possible, I sleep even better! I think In have been woken by the kids a few times but falling back asleep has been really easy. I am falling asleep in record time and not playing the ‘bunch up the pillow’ game before falling asleep. It is amazing how having the right pillows can make a difference!

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Get the sleep you need without the tossing, turning and pillow games with GhostPillow! I love mine and you will too!