Use Your Own Artwork!

Every once in a while, a company comes along with something I have never seen before, and a product that I would have never thought of and just blows me away!  Ghost Nest & Kids Decor is one of those companies!

I am extremely excited to share and their awesome, unique products with you!  Especially if you are expecting a new little one, or transforming a nursery to a big kid room, or have moved and need ideas to make your child’s new room – or play area and bathroom – their own!

Ghost Nest & Kid’s Decor is a new website that lets you create custom knobs – or hardware – for your child’s furniture, bathrooms, play areas, rooms, and so much more!  Really!  I am not kidding! This is a really unique, personalized, interesting way to transform a room into a conversation piece!

Use Your Own Pictures!

To add to this really fun way to decorate, the website is incredibly easy to use and even offers a Gallery Space that allows you to pick and choose popular artists work for your home.  And if you want to learn even more about the pieces you have chosen, the Featured Artist page tells you all about them.  That way when people ask – and they will – where you got those amazing knobs, you can brag and present a knowledgeable back story for your chosen piece!

Or, and this is my personal favorite option on the site, you can create your own!  If you are a creative genius-  I am not – or have a specific idea of where you are going with any given room, you can submit your own photos or art work and – GET THIS! – they will put it on a knob for you!!

How incredibly cool is THAT!?!

This is the option I chose.  But since I have zero artistic or decorating talent, I turned to the experts!  My children!  Five minutes later, I have three colorful, one of a kind, amazing pieces of precious art to send to Ghost Nest & Kid’s Decor!

These Are MINE!

I  to took my children’s art to and played with the incredibly easy to use Dreamerator, and created my beautiful knobs!  I had the option of square knobs, round knobs, flat knobs, and on and on.  And I could add a background color and even text!

“My Mommy Rocks” seemed a little much, so I stuck to my daughter’s original masterpieces!

A week or so later came my knobs.

My husband an I are truly amazed that Ghost Nest and Kid’s Decor could take an 8×11 drawing and fit it, in perfect detail, on the 1×1 head of a knob!  It is like they told the paper to “drink me” and it just shrunk to a tiny little square.  And I can clearly see my daughter’s names that Katie wrote for every piece of artwork, and I can even see every color stroke!

I will have these as a treasured memory forever.  A little something to remind me of this time with them, before they grow up and blame me for everything!  And because they are high quality, sturdy knobs, I can start them out as decorative art for one of their bathrooms, move them to a dresser later, and even affix them to a wooden plank and use them as hangers… for their children’s coats when they come and visit.  They will last that long, I can tell!

PERFECT for That Special Children’s Room!

These are truly amazing!  Every Mother should have something so special and important.  And because the knobs you create for your new baby, growing toddler, or preteen, will never be the same as anyone else’s, you certainly will have bragging rights for a long time.

So, how can you get your hands on these wonderful, new products for your home?


You can use the Dreamerator for your own artwork or photos or choose from Features Artists on, create your knobs, and then order!  It is that easy!


Ghost Nest & Kid’s Decor has generously offered a $25 Gift Card to be used on their site to create your own, fantastic, knobs!

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