In any home with kids, I think, there is no shortage of need for things to store items in.  In fact, at any given day and time, I am on the hunt for functional cases, bags and more to store my things and my kids things in.  Because, let’s face it, if everything has a place, it is easier to keep the place clean.

But function does not have to be unattractive or impersonal.  In fact, with the Get a Grip Bag from Initials, Inc. and other personalized items, function can have a lot of personal style!

Initials, Inc

Nancy Flanakin with Initials, Inc. was kind enough to make me a personalized Get a Grip bag.  I got to choose the style and color – mine is the Pansy Dot style – and she had the letter P sewn on the bag for my last name.

Or for Pretty… you choose!

The very first thing I noticed about the bag, aside from it’s complete cuteness, is the quality.  The bag has a large center opening and then 9 pockets around it for sorting and storage.  They are different sizes so storing from the tiniest thing to the largest thing is easy.

In fact, the compartments are so useful that this bag can be used for everything from crayons to gardening tools to sewing materials to baby kits and more.  Bags like this are the perfect, functional, storing solution that we all need.  Especially with daughters!

Now, initially – no pun intended – I wanted to use the bag from my blog stuff.  I wanted to store everything from paperclips to stamps to my daily calendar – which is so not even close to being up to date – to smaller items that would help me on a daily basis.

Initials, Inc

But, true to form, my daughter hijacked the bag and it is now her carry every where, personal, crayon and marker holder!

She keeps markers and coloring books in the middle and uses the outside pockets for crayons, kid scissors, glue sticks and more.  It is actually a really smart use for the bag.  And the interior is easily wipe-able so any crayon markings can be gotten off with some wiping down.

There is more to Initials, Inc. than just the Get a Grip Bag, though.  You can see in the Initials, Inc. Catalog on  Nancy’s site that they offer everything from beautiful handbags to personalized wallets to overnight bags, tote bags, luggage and so, SO much more.  If you need it to store or carry, Initials, Inc. will personalize it and ship it to you in no time!

They even have make up bags and luggage tags.  Consider them for lunch boxes for back to school as well!

Initials, Inc

I, personally, am impressed.  And I have had it in my house for a very long time and, with daily use from the kids, it stands up to being carried everywhere!  I mean, everywhere!

If you want to spruce up your storage items, purses, bags and anything else, check Initials, Inc. first.  And if you want to start your own home business, talk to Nancy on her website!  I know she will be thrilled to help you get started!

**I received this product for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**