If you have not heard of Funnybone Toys you might want to mark them as a company to watch.  Less than a year old the company presents three games that are sure to be the gifts of the season!


I was privy to try ARRAY, a game that lets you slice, splatter and slam your opponent out of the game!  Created for ages 8 and up, my 6 year old and I sat down to have some fun with it!  The whole point is to be the player who connects the longest thread of connecting patterns and it will make you think!

Watch the video below to get an idea of how the game is played:

However, peppered into the pattern cards are Splatter and Slam cards that can cause real havoc on the perfect line of winning cards.  In fact, there are action cards that help you splice and slam your opponent right out of the game!

My 6 year old seemed to really grasp the concept of matching the colors and creating the line of cards.  She got a little confused on the action cards and what splice, slice and splatter meant but we worked through it and it was a blast!  But I do think that age 8 and up is an appropriate age for this game.  Especially if you’re 40 like me!  It was really easy to understand the concept but still made us use our brain power to figure out how to slam the other player right out of the game! I can’t wait to play this at the next girls night!


Funnybone Toys also created the games CUBU and Spectrix.  Also very bright, colorful and enticing to kids and adults, the games are museum quality and offer a conversation piece as well as a fun game for everyone.

In fact, Funnybone Toys has such a neat line of games that they won the Parent’s Choice Foundation Award this year!  That award is hard to get and I can see why they were given it!  This is not the first time all of the card games were recognized by one industry competition. Tillywig bestowed its 2012 Summer Brain Child Award to all three games. Additionally, Creative Child magazine gave their approving nod in their annual Family Card Games – Stimulation Creativity Category to the brainy trio.

Get your family into fun, colorful, thought provoking games that will entertain for years!  LIKE Funnybone Toys on Facebook and pick up the games ONLINE so that you have them Christmas Day to entertain the masses!

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