Children face all kinds of scary situations on a day to day basis.  Some are easily put aside with calming words from mom.  But others need a little more than a pat on the head.  The colorful and wonderful book, Funky Yellow Bus, helps you help your kids get over fears in new situations!

Funky Yellow Bus

The School Bus is not a scary place but meeting new people and walking into a new experience can be!  Follow Brookie Cookie as she takes her first bus ride to school and endures a few bumps along the way!

She and her friends are a little scared but as they work together, they change the ride to school into a fun journey of music and friendship.

My daughter loves this book and thinks it is so fun to read to her sister!

Summer is here.  Along with it comes the need for things for kids to do that does not include sitting in front of a screen all day.  Books are the PERFECT entertainment medium that combines skill, imagination and the meeting of new friends.  And if you are like me, there is still something super special about picking up an actual book and flipping through it.

Funky Yellow Bus is colorful, lesson enduring and a hit in this house!

You can pick it up at your favorite bookstore, online and even at select retail outlets!

Funky Yellow Bus

Don’t let your kids head into new situations without friends like Brookie Cookie on their side!  Friends like that are special and needed in childhood!

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