Frozen Yogurt Recipes and Ideas

How about a healthy treat and some frozen yogurt recipes?!  I’m always looking for ways to feed my girls healthy options and I have found a few really good recipes that are worth sharing!

First, my absolute favorite is our Yogurt on a stick recipe!  Making frozen yogurt is fun and the girls think it’s ice cream!  It’s really easy to do and the girls love eating it!  It’s a win-win for all of us!  Just look at her face! 

Making Frozen yogurt

Now I bet you never thought of Agave Frozen yogurt.  I haven’t!  This looks so yummy!  I especially love the fruit and chocolate combo.  Looks like a regular  Ice Cream Sunday to me!

Agave Frozen Yogurt

Now let’s shoot for a really healthy treat for those of use trying to watch our waist line.  Try the Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt recipe found here.  This one is especially good because any time you can add peanut butter to your dessert you will get the extra protein that we all need much more off.  Adding the protein from the peanut butter with the protein from the greek yogurt is a special treat in this frozen delight!

Peanut Butter and Banana Frozen Yogurt

Now I can’t give you all of these delicious yogurt and ice cream recipes without throwing in one for the Paleo dieters in the group!  Here’s a totally guilt free Ice Cream pleasure that can be enjoyed by all!  When you use Almond Butter it’s a Paleo treat but you may as well call this one genius because it appeals to all the health conscience fanatics too!  It appeals to most Mom’s as well because of the low calorie intake with a sweet taste!  I was really surprised at the consistency.  It is just as smooth as real ice cream!  Try it!

guilt free ice cream

And last but not least, Frozen berries with frozen yogurt on a stick!

Blueberries and Yogurt on a Stick

Enjoy your healthy treats!

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