What gets you through your day?  I mean, aside from your kids or family.  The nearly unanimous answer – coffee!  I recently tried some more products from Frozen Bean Coffee and Tea Blends.  This time around, I tried their Iced Blends line which includes Mocha Latte, Roasted Hazelnut Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, and lastly, Sea Salt Toffee Chocolate, among many other delicious flavors.  

frozen bean

With it being so hot in the summer, especially Texas, I want to enjoy my coffee, but not the heat!  With the iced versions of the flavors I like, I can do that.  It cools me down even at the early hours of the morning, all while giving me the caffeinated boost I so need to keep me going at times.

Hazelnut is such a classic coffee flavor, but throw chocolate in the mix and you are sure to enjoy a delicious glass of creamy goodness.  Chocolate Mint reminds me of one of our favorite ice cream flavors in this house – so refreshing!   Sea Salt Toffee Chocolate has got to be the best of both worlds, hands down! You’ve got the sweet tooth satisfying chocolate perfectly paired with sea salt for a pleasantly savory blend.  The only complaint I had with any of them, especially mocha latte, is that my glass was empty much too quickly!  I suppose that is a good problem to have.  I could have refilled my glass over and over again, but then I think I’d probably start to see noises!

What’s your favorite coffee flavor?  Do you enjoy iced coffee?

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