I am about to share a little known secret with you guys!  I love to cook!  Cook, bake, create, anything!  I used to cook up a storm.  And then we moved.  To a house that was fully electric.  With a 30 year old double oven  that heats unevenly, and a stove that screams “replace me”!
But, alas, updating the appliances have to wait.  At least until they decide to run gas to my part of the neighborhood!  So, I had kind of lost interest in big, elaborate meals.

And then I was contacted by Frigidaire Accessories Division!  I got to choose two products to do a review on! YEA!  I was SO excited!  Nothing like new kitchen gadgets to get me back in the mood of cooking wonderful, wholesome, meals for my family!

I chose a tool that I have been dying to get for my pan gravies!  A 4 Cup Strainer/ Separator!  This this is so great because I can pour my tidbits and oils from my pan where I have grilled a chicken, fried a pork chop, or sauteed  some vegetables into the strainer, thus leaving the lumps out of my gravy, and then watch as the fat separates from the flavorful good stuff!  Then I pour how ever much I need for my gravyback in the pan, mix it with my thickener and wala, excellent pan gravy with almost no fat!  Come on – how cool is that?!?

And to top off the awesomeness of this handy little tool, it is on sale at Fridgidaire.stores.yahoo.net for $15.44!  That is 33% off of the regular price of $22.99!

And on the Cookware Catalog Blowout Sale page, all of the accessories are marked down huge!

Take my second choice, the Gourmac Melamine 3 Bowl Set!   I chose Cobalt, though it was a tough choice between that and the red and white ones!   I needed some cooking bowls to replace the ones my daughters had broken.  Turns out, I upgraded as well!

These bowls are deep – which cuts down on spills from little hands trying to stir, have a rubber stability ring on the bottom, and even a lip handle and pour spout!  I have used the smaller one many times already to make pancakes.  And since I can just pour the batter right from the bowl, it makes one less spoon to wash. All of us, I am sure, can appreciate that little attribute!

The Melamine bowls are made of sturdy plastic but are lightweight and easy to maneuver with.  I am IN LOVE and with the price being marked down by 42% – from $29.99 to $17.53 – WOW!, I am contemplating getting even more!  Yes, I really love them that much!  Especially when making Valentine cupcake memories with my girls!

The Fridgidaire Accessories Website is so easy to use.  Simply click on the room you are interested in getting “bling” for and check out all of their available accessories!  From a new Fabric Softener Dispenser for your laundry room, to your outdoor grill’s new Stainless Steel Rotisserie Kit, or even a Lamson Sharp Carving Kit for 55% off, this site has variety and deals you will not find anywhere else!

But my favorite part of the site – besides the Cookware Catalog Blowout Sale page – is the yummy recipes page.  My favorite are the desserts – why yes I DID put that picture there! – and the starters, and the salad recipes, and the dinner recipes, and the recipe tips…  oh heck, all of it!  It is a great resource for those nights when you have no idea what you will do with that same old chicken.  And you wonder what that kitchen accessory that Aunt Pat gave you for your wedding is for!  Plus, you can find a recipe, purchase the accessories you need to complete the recipe from the site and take the question of “What can I use to do that?” out of your vocabulary!

I highly recommend the Frigidaire Accessories Site, the products within in it, and the innovative recipes to try out in your kitchen!  And I sincerely thank Frigidaire for introducing me to my new favorite kitchen – and other rooms – “bling” site!

**I received the products listed above for review for this post. All opinions and recommendations are mine.  Your experience with the website or products purchased may differ than mine.  All writings and opinions listed within are the property of A Day in Motherhood.com and may not be copied or used without prior permission.**