One of the biggest regrets I have in life is that I never learned to play an instrument. I am bound and determined to make sure my children do not have the same regret. We put my 10 year old and 6 year old sons in piano lessons last year. Lessons are EXPENSIVE. It was well over $200 for the three of them per month, and it just wasn’t in the budget anymore. Imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity to use the Free piano lessons 4 Kids program.

Piano lessons for free? I was skeptical, but I was willing to give it a shot.

Photo by Kerrie for

Photo by Kerrie for

The program currently has 50 online lessons available. Each lesson is 100% free. There are additional materials available for download as well as a practice CD. The additional materials are not required to take part in the program but are more than reasonably priced to purchase and get the full experience.

We printed out our additional materials and jumped right in. My older boys were at a higher skill level because of their previous lessons, so while we started with the first lesson, we quickly worked through them. Instructor Joseph Hoffman was able to supplement a lot of the knowledge that they already had. The boys were excited to start, and excited to be able to easily follow along with his lessons.  Here’s Alex, learning chords:

The real challenge was the 6 year old. He had very limited previous experience. He jumped right in and started following right along with the program. He was drawn in by Hoffman. This isn’t a boring instructional video. The instructor is funny, and really understands that younger kids need to be having fun to learn. Josh learned the proper way to sit and hold his hands, viewing it more as a game than as a lesson.  He asks nightly to start a new lesson. He puts the iPad on our piano and follows along. He’s having fun, and he is really learning! It’s great to watch.

This program is great for those, like me, who think music is important in a child’s life. It’s keeping the boys’ interest and making the whole process fun. I used to have to beg Josh to practice, now he is happily volunteering to play. I may even start the lessons myself- after all, it’s never too late to learn, right?


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