It is that time of the year. The cars are dusted with yellow, a yellow pool of muck is forming in ponds and I am typing and sneezing at my desk. Allergy season is in full swing! A lot of the time, my allergies also turn into a cold or worse.. the Flu. With FluNada by my side, though, I feel more confident that I can battle it head on!FluNada

I am not generally a ‘spray up my nose’ kind of gal. In fact, the drippage down from a spray bugs me to the point that I don’t generally buy them. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the drainage from FluNada was very minimal. In fact, it quickly relieved my nasal congestion and the congestion did not come back with a gusto like I have experienced with others.

The scent of eucalyptus and mint is refreshing and adds to the pleasant use of a product that really seems to do that it claims!

FluNada is the only product to coat both the throat and the nasal passages where 90% of infections enter the body. It has been laboratory tested to be effective against multiple cold viruses, including rhinovirus. It can be used with the Flu shot to give you extra protection against the illness. It is zinc-free and designed with safety as the first priority.

If you are around crowds and office workers where people are coughing and sneezing, or your kids are getting sick and school and you are caring for them, use FluNada to help prevent you from getting their infection! If you sniffle, cough or have any signs of an impending sickness, take FluNada to help prevent onset!

This preventative product is available on Amazon and, in my opinion, is worth having on your shelf to prevent a serious life on hold illness!

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