I love wine.  I love wine very much.  I used to drink a lot of wine.  On Monday after work, Wednesday after a late meeting, and of course on the weekends to relax.  My friends and I frequented the wine bars in town and, I would like to think, I became a bit of a wine snob!

Since kids and staying home with them, my budget – and thus my wine purchasing – has decreased.   I don’t know anymore what is new and ‘sheik ‘ and often will forgo a bottle if it seems – well – cheap!

Hey, I said I thought I was a snob!

And then I was asked to try flipflop wines, a new label from the Underdog Wine merchants portfolio, and my snobbery happily escorted itself out of the door!

I love this wine!  Really, I do!

I got a chance to try 3 of the wines in this eight wine colletion; the Riesling,  the Pinot Grigio, and the Pinot Noir.

Reds are my favorite and this Pinot Noir is a sure palette pleaser!  Not quite dry, not quite sweet, but a nice, soft flavor of cherry and spice. A perfect combination for that late night, relaxing glass.  I savored every last drop.

I like whites too but often find them to be either too fruity or too bitter.  But I have to say, this 2010 bottle of Riesling from flipflop wines was neither of those things!  It definately has an apricoty, peachy back flavor to it, but it was clean and neat and, well, really enjoyable!

I also happily drank up the light and refreshing citrusy flavor of the Pinot  Grigio!  I thought it would be a heavier wine but it was easy to drink and is now on my short list of must buy!

And buy I can!  Because at the suggested retail of $7 a bottle, I can certainly stay stocked in flipflop wines!

But the absolute, heart touching, where can I hug the person who came up with this, thing about flipflop wines is that they have ‘partnered with Soles4Souls Inc., the international shoe charity dedicated to providing free footwear to those in need. The program will raise much needed funds to give one pair of flip-flop sandals for each bottle of flipflop wine purchased (up to 100,000 pairs for the first 100,000 bottles sold, where promotion is legal.) To learn more about Soles4Souls, please visit: http://www.soles4souls.org/.’

It makes me so very happy to know that a product I will definitely be purchasing is not only high in quality, super affordable in price, and GOOD, but will also help very deserving children in need!

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this wine to all of my readers!  For dinner, for a late night relaxing glass, or sharing with friends, it is a true winner!

PSST:  Wine Enthusiast just gave 4 flipflop wines a “Best Buy” rating!  YEA!

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**I received this product for review purposes. All opinions are 100% mine.  Your experience with this product may differ from mine.  Alcohol is illegal for consumption for people under 21 years old.**