**This conversation about Flipazoo is brought to you by the company. All opinions are my own.**

Flipazoo with entertain your kids!

My kids are my everything and on days like Valentine’s Day I get to express that to them! For a while now they have seen Flipazoo on TV! These cute animals are  two in one! They ‘flip’ from one animal to another! Now, though, there are Flipzee, the pocket sized toy that does a mini-flip! Anyone will love these and your kids will FLIP over them! Add them to your Valentine gift basket, their birthday wish list or to your ‘they are awesome’ just because surprise for your kids!

Flipazoo turns one animal into two

We were lucky enough to receive the Poppi Polar Bear that Flips into Asher Husky! We got the full sized and the Flipzee, which fits easily in your pocket! The kids can Flip him around on the bus and safely tuck him away for school time!

Flipzee is a mini Flipazoo

As far as the full sized Flipazoo, he is just a soft and fun toy that is actually two toys! Perfect for resting their head when reading or cuddling when sleeping, these little guys offer comfort and fun!

Flipazoo minis are too much fun!

There are a lot of combinations of Flipazoo for every child! A dog to a cat. A unicorn to a dragon and even a giraffe to a hippo! There are even Flipazoo slippers which are on my kid’s wish lists!

Flipazoo will be an instant friend to any kid

Flipazoo can be found in store, I saw a big stack at Walmart the other day, and will make anyone want to flip out over them! Get yours now and be the hero of Valentine’s Day and every other day of the year!