I am going to rave about this product for all to hear!  Why?  Because though we are not at the phase where the training wheels can come off yet, FirstBike.us has CURED my 3 year old daughter’s fear of bicycles and she actually RODE one yesterday!

Check out the video!!  She even has her new Gotz Doll in the carrier!

You guys don’t understand the absolute fear she had of bikes. She would push them but I could never get her on one.  It took me a week to get her on the FirstBike!  But once I did, she was golden!

Here is her riding the FirstBike too!  Notice how she now pulls her feet up and catches when she goes off balance!  We are just a little ways away from training wheel free riding!

My 5 year old is a bike riding lover but she is scared to take her training wheels off and fall.  So, even though, in the two weeks I have had the bike, she is still not training wheel free, she is LOVING First Bike and rides it first when she goes out to play! 


FirstBike.us really is a great way to introduce kids to 2 wheel bikes and – if you get it ahead of them learning – pass up the training wheel phase all together.  In addition, if you have a child like my little one who is afraid of bikes and falling, then this is a GREAT way to help them conquer their fears.  Plus, it is easy to assemble.  I got it put together by myself in about a half hour.  And I am, admittedly, instruction-ally challenged.


FirstBike comes in a variety of colors, has a very easily adjustable seat and is geared for kids 2 -5.   It has a working brake that teaches kids how to control the bike and it is so low to the ground that if they do fall, they get right back up and try again.

Check out the benefits of this awesome balance bike and let me know what you think!

**I received the product above for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.**