I love finding boutique type sites that cater to that “I need something special” crowd.  Especially when that website or shop is also environmentally conscious, caters to the customer and remembers that beauty can be in everything!

So when I received an email from a stay at home mom that wanted to share her very inspirational website and products with me, I was ecstatic!  Luckily, after receiving four products from FioramontiDesign.com, I can also say that they are well made, beautiful and will be with us for many years to come!

I received three adorable snack bags that the owner, Mary, made for my girls.  In addition, she made me the prettiest and most ornate bow I have ever owned!  I love them all!

But what impresses me about FioramontiDesign.com is that when she emailed me, she asked specific questions that pertained to my children’s and my favorite things.  From the simple answers I gave back, she made really sweet and personalized snack bags for each of the girls.  Complete with a closing Velcro seal that will not letting one single Goldfish loose and vinyl inner liners that is easy to wipe down or machine wash and keep clean, these snack bags eliminate the need for plastic bags and bulk containers.  Plus they fit easily in a lunchbox.

With the bright colors and designs they are easy to identify per child and eliminate the “That’s MINE!” argument that is perpetual in this house!  I really do love them and so do my kids!

The flower barrette that was made for me is so incredibly cute and already draws comments when I wear it!   The layers of fabric and tulle along with very creative rock like beaded center goes with everything, is super easy to wear with a quick clip – important for that busy mom on the go – and is just fun to wear!  Plus, it also works as a purse pin to dress up something plain or a clip on a favorite shirt!  I love versatile, easy, fun accessories!

What I LOVE about the barrettes and pins is that they are made from re-purposed fabric that would have otherwise been thrown away at the fabric store!

Check out all of the wonderful items for sale – at incredibly reasonable prices, I might add – offered on FiroamontiDesign.com, like  machine washable Precious Pillows, the three sizes of custom handbags and purses (with built in cell phone pockets!), and more!  I am having a blast searching around and planning who I will be getting these wonderful, “greener” items for!

And because Mary at FioramontiDesign.com is so generous, one of my lucky readers will receive a $20 voucher to make their own personalized product!  How fun is that?  And $20 on this affordable site goes a long way!

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