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If you have kids, of any age, you will understand why Find It Games are the new must have toy in the house. The newest release, Eww Gross, looks super fun for those kids who want to hunt for a “booger” next to the “road kill”, or  “Ear wax” on top of the “scab”!  Kids can feel the spiders creep between their sheets, as bad breath permeates the air … All in the new “Eww, Gross”! version of the Find It® Game! In the newest edition of Find It®, search for 40 Gross items in a sea of colored pellets. We thought that the Eww Gross games looked like a TON of fun but decided on the Discover America version to try at home since my kids are so into history in school!

Discover America Find It Games Are Super Fun + WIN One for Your Family ad

Included in the game are cards which ask kids questions that cause them to really concentrate and Find It® in the cylinder! They have to find something hot, something that starts with the letter R and even two blue items at once. There is even a mystery item which we are still looking for!

This game occupies my kids as they concentrate and hunt for items. With over 40 items per game, it promotes focus and concentration. I hear my kids showing each other what they find and talking through the clues together too. Some items are really easy to find as they pop to the top of the beads, but some are really difficult and I think those are the ones my kids like best!

Discover America Find It Games Are Super Fun + WIN One for Your Family ad

Using the cards as guides, they hunt and shake and shake and hunt until they can find it. Not only are they learning about national landmarks, but they are learning to pay attention to the task at hand until they Find It®.

Check the top of the cylinder for the items included, grab the deck of cards and help your kids Find It® with these creative games. Check out the newest Eww Gross game and tell them what your think of these smart games on their social media networks!

Discover America Find It Games Are Super Fun + WIN One for Your Family ad

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