I was cleaning in my children’s library this morning for the sole purpose of eliminating an odor.  I don’t know what they spilled in there but something is coming from that room.  And even though there is an air freshener plugged in, it still permeates through the air.  Frustrated once the room was clean and not knowing how else to eliminate the odor, I remembered that I had a Filtrete Odor Reducing Air Filter in my office just waiting to be tested out.


Now, I am a skeptic on odor reducing stuff.  I have only found a handful of products that actually get rid of odors and none of them can be used on carpets or curtains if something gets to smelling in a room.  So to think that an air filter would be able to clean the odor out seems a little far fetched.

But I read the instructions and got started.  We all know that 3M is a great company so it seemed like this had a good chance of working.

I took out my old filter – Lord knows when the last time that was changed – and installed the Filtrete one easily.  Reading the instructions, I set my Air conditioner to the fan or blower and cranked it up.  I let it run non stop for about 2 hours while I played with the kids and started to pick up the playroom.  Yes, 2 hours in I can only see one corner of that room.  Bad mommy!

I turned off the HVAC setting and talked my kids into walking outside for a little while to pick up the chalk we used yesterday to color on the driveway.  Little hearts and messages to Santa that will help him find us.

About 5 or 10 minutes later we came back into the house and I noticed something right off the bat.  My house, in general, has a musty odor from 30 years of age.  I always notice it when I walk in if I have been out of it for a little while.  This time, I walked in and I did not smell it.  Cocking my head in interest I walked to the children’s library and was AMAZED that I could not smell that terrible, lingering smell I had before!  Now, it could be that I just wanted to not smell it but I think this filter really works!   No wonder it is 65% more effective at reducing odors from cooking, pets and more than other filters!


I am so excited that I am going to go purchase another filter for my other outlet this weekend!  It is way cheaper and healthier and smarter than the alternatives I have been trying!

Check out the Filtrete Odor Reducing Filters at your local retailer and online! I bet it works for you like it works for me!!


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**I received this filter for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**