I am sitting at my desk, happily typing along – behind as usual wishing a day had 50 hours in it – and I hear from the playroom, “Hi Megan, what do you want to play?” And it did not come from my other daughter.  It came from the Fijit Friends that we received in the mail a few weeks ago!Fijit

YES.  A toy just asked my daughter what she wanted to play!

Let’s see if I can express my opinion of the Fijit and Yippit Toys.


Is that clear enough?

If you have not seen or heard of Fijit Friends, you are missing out.  They are truly amazing!  I have never seen a toy that is easy to play with, easy to understand and so versatile that my kids can TRAIN and interact with and carry around like a friend!  Right now, seriously, both girls are in the playroom talking to their Fijit Friend and Yippit and having a good ole time.  They are fresh out of the shower but check this out:

I have to tell you, these are hysterical!!  Every child should have these toys!

Yippits is super cool too! A trainable toy that my girls are teaching to jump, talk, dance and more!  And I am amazed the the Figit Friend and Yippit talk to each other too!

Check out Sarah showing how she taught the Yippits to jump!

I love, love, love these and my girls do too!  They dance, sing, tell jokes, talk to the girls, talk to each other, falls asleep and snores and are small enough and soft enough that small hands can play with them and have a blast!  They are recommended for ages 6 and up but my 3 and 5 year old love them too!

There is so much more that the Fiji Friend and Yippits can do that we have barely scratched the surface!  But as they become more and more a popular toy in our house – and not just because I swipe them to play with after bedtime {Shhhhhhhh} – but because they are great for teaching my kids about teaching and interacting with a toy!

Find Fijit Friends and Yippits at you local retailer and online!

**I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Fijit Friends. I received product samples to facilitate my review. All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**