More and more my girls are getting into games.  Not online, not in my phone, but gather on the floor as a family, open a box and play and laugh and learn like I used to!

But finding games that can be played by all three girls can be hard.  My oldest (6) can read and wants more complicated games while my youngest (3) wants something that she can easily understand and play with her sisters!

And that is why I love games like Feed the Woozle, a  Preschool Skills Builder Game!  Made for ages 3 – 7, this award winning game has the easy to follow instructions for a young player and the thinking aspects that older kids want!

This game is so much fun!  And it is simple to set up and learn!  No lengthy instruction sheets while your kids wait to play!

Basically, they Feed the Woozle!  Set up in 3 levels depending on the ages of the players, kids spin, roll and perform fun movements while trying to feed the stand up woozle his wonderful foods like chocolate covered flies and muddy meatballs!  The game teaches motor skills, body awareness and basic counting as well!

In addition, the game was just honored as an American Specialty Toy Retailers Association’s  Best Toys for Kids winner, in the “Games Play” 3-7 years category. Plus, the game gets kudos from National Autism Resources, saying cooperative games are helpful therapeutic tools, and Feed the Woozle is therapist Amy Smith’s favorite.

All three of my kids love this game!  They can all play it and understand it easily and it holds their attention!  Katie reads the fun names of the foods, Sarah (4) helps keep everyone organized and Megan laughs and giggles as she feeds the Woozle!  The game ends and they play it again!

If you are looking for a fun game that you and your little ones can enjoy then check out Feed the Woozle.  Not only can it help build confidence and teamwork skills as the kids work together to feed the hungry Woozle, but it can grow with your kids as the three levels get more complicated as the child ages!

Pick up your game online or at your favorite retailer!  And then come back and tell me how much you and your family love it too!

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