There needs to be a Valentine’s Elf, an Easter Elf, a Tuesday Elf….  Elves for everyday.  Because when our little elf, Isabel, appeared magically on our Christmas tree a week ago, my kids immediately qualified for kids of the year!


Isabel came from the North Pole where all Elf Magic Elves are born!  Our little one is blond with blue eyes but has brothers and sisters that are all colors to match the kids in your home! She appeared magically complete with a scroll explaining how she helps watch what my kids do all day and then reports back to Santa at night.  She comes complete with her own magic snowflakes too, which my children sprinkle on her at night.  They also leave ice water for her in case she gets thirsty!

Watch this video below for laughter and fun with Elf Magic.  Justin Bieber is covered by rapper MattyBRaps & the Elves are there for style:

Now, to get Isabel here, we had to write our letters to Santa!  So my kids promptly sat down and started listing what they wanted.  My 6 year old wrote well and my 5 year old had me spell Dora 756 times.  But I told them that the Elf would not appear unless they mailed them out and went to bed like they were supposed to.

That WAS a magical night! ;D

Since being here, Isabel has been pretty good.  But I understand she gets a little more mischievous as the season progresses.  So far her antics include hanging from the ceiling fan, trying to climb our tree and being found face down in a box of goodies I received to review.  I fear what else she has up her little sleeves!

Elf Magic

She has been amazing for my kids, though.  She keeps them in line as they watch to see if she is watching before they do something they are not supposed to do!  They tell her about their days and confess when  they have been naughty.  And they love her so.  They get up every morning and come out to see where she is and what she might have done.  A little birdie told me that tonight she might want to go into the freezer to remind her of her beloved North Pole.  I can’t wait to see my kids try to find her there!

Pick up your Magic Elf today and have it in home by this weekend!  You can order online too!  The come back and see what trouble Isabel gets into around here!  I’ll be posting a few fun antics throughout the next few weeks!


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**I received an Elf Magic for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**