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Edwin the Duck offers fun for kids!

He quacks, he shivers, he sings and he reads. That is just a scraping of the things Edwin the Duck can do! This interactive toy for parents of babies and toddlers, and my 18 year old assistant, Camree, who has fallen madly in love with him, offers everything from the ability to float to the ability to take your child’s temperature! Edwin is a lovable sidekick and a friend who grows with your child. The BPA ­free and adorably soft toy acts as a night light and sound soother, and includes a collection of apps which are fun for kids and helpful to parents, with content in constant development! Camree saw Edwin and spent the next week playing  learning all about him! Here are some of her favorite features:

Edwin the Duck is fun for everyone

Edwin floats: The fact that this toy that has the technology in it that it does can float is a big deal. Not only that, Edwin tells you if the water for baby is too hot or too cold for their delicate skin! He turns red when it is too hot and shivers and says ‘brr’ when it is too cold! This is so valuable for parents!

Edwin takes your Child’s Temperature: Yep – just place Edwin on your child’s forehead and watch as the Edwin app for parents tells you if your baby has a fever. Since Edwin is so derned cute, kids are more likely to stay still and let him read their temperature!

Edwin the Duck takes a child's temperature

Edwin ‘Quacks’: If you pop Edwin on the tail, he Quacks! This could be one of the best interactive features for kids because they learn that they can make Edwin do something and it is sure to lead to laughter. At least it did for Camree.

Edwin the Duck Quacks when you pop his tail

His Wings Light Up: If you or your child pops Edwin on the wings, he lights up! This is great for a night light or a soft reading light as you rock your baby to sleep!

Edwin the Duck lights up when you pop his wings

The apps offer SO much: There are several Edwin apps that you can download to your smart phone. The main Edwin app lets you help your child play games, offers sing-a-long songs, reads books and more  The Bath Time app lets you monitor the temperature of the water and such and the Sleepy Time app lets you set lullabies, set the night light and so much more!

Edwin the Duck has interactive apps.

We have had Edwin for a while and we keep discovering new things to do with him! I am shipping my Edwin off to my 1 year old Nephew but I kind of wish I could keep him here because watching 18 year old Camree laugh and play with him is highly entertaining!

Edwin the Duck loves to read to your kids!

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