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There comes a time in every parents life where you finally admit that you love playing with your kid’s toys too! With EDO, not only do you get to live out your building block dreams, but you and your kids get to create life-sized characters together! I received the Edolini kit and, even with the kids gone to their dad’s for the month, I had to open them up and get started! After all, building blocks are just FUN!

Kids can create and recreate and play all day long with EDO. ad

EDO are 100% recycled life-size building blocks that anyone will enjoy playing with. They are customizable and can be colored and decorated to whatever kids want! My kit, the Edolini, allows me and the kids to build 3 custom cardboard companions! Instructions are included for each block, along with sticker eyes, that seem reusable to characters, a permanent marker to draw faces and more! Check out the video below to see how to create the blocks! Once you get a hang of it, it is pretty easy!

I did not build much with the kit as I can see an entire day of three kids creating and building their Edolinis on a hot summer day. I look forward to watching what they make and didn’t want to take the fun away from what will surely be a super fun family activity! So, I created just a face just for fun so that I could report back to you on how they work!

They are easy to construct once you get a hang of it. Create Edolinis with my kit! ad

As an activity this is time consuming but not boring, promotes creativity and working together and is a fun way to create something fun and reusable as a family! Build a fort, build a friend or even a table that your kids can have a tea party on. The possibilities are endless!

Get the whole family involved as you create and recreate with EDO! ad

Check out the whole line of EDO and learn what you can do with them on their website!

The possibilities are endless with EDO. ad