Easy Pumpkin Cake Recipe #LoveYourCup #cbias #shop

Coffee has always given me amazing moments of connection with those I care about. There is something about sitting out on the back porch, the morning breeze flapping the edge of your robe against the old rocking chair, chatting with neighbors while the dew dries on the leaves. On Sunday mornings, you can catch me and my neighbors often doing just that at one of our houses.

As fall approaches and the temperatures drop, certain smells and tastes mark the season. Pumpkin Spice starts to enter stores in early October and I am always sad to see it go after the holiday season winds down.  I came across some really fun Halloween cookie cutters and thus the idea was born!

I would make an Easy Pumpkin Cake Recipe and add a bottle of Pumpkin Spice Liquid Creamer, decorated with fun ribbon and a cookie cutter each, and would hand them out to those I appreciate. As I shopped I envisioned the chatter and laughter that would accompany our warm coffee and sweet Pumpkin Cake.

Easy Pumpkin Cake Recipe #LoveYourCup #cbias #shop

I baked the cake in the largest casserole dish I had, lining it with parchment paper on the bottom to keep it from sticking. After letting it cool, I took a butter knife and separated the cake from the sides. And then I took a large cutting board, placed it on top of the dish and flipped it over. The cake came right out and I gently peeled off the parchment paper.

Next, I grabbed my pumpkin cookie cutter and gently cut out as many pumpkins as I could. In the places where the cake was thicker than the cutter, I pulled the stray pieces away and pulled the cutter down. After my pumpkins were out, I mixed powdered sugar and a small amount of water to the consistency I wanted. You can easily replace some of the water with the Coffee-mate creamer to get an even more pumpkin -y taste!

When the desired consistency was achieved, I took a soup spoon and drizzled the icing over the cakes right on the cutting board. While I let that dry, I cut some orange ribbon and looped it through the other two cookie cutters. I then tied the cutters to other bottles of Pumpkin Spice Liquid Creamer.

I put the iced pumpkins in a plastic pumpkin dish, tied more orange ribbon around the stem and added a bat ring to complete the package!

As I walked out to deliver the delicious treats to my neighbors who were already lazily drinking coffee and chatting on a rainy Sunday morning, I thought that this was the perfect way to reconnect with anyone you wanted to. A simple, inexpensive token of love plus a genuine smile equals moments of connection that last a lifetime.

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