**Instructions by Beth & Tots**

What makes chocolate just a little bit better? Why, yes… more chocolate!  These easy Kit Kat spring dippers are super fun and so easy for the kids to jump right in and help you in the kitchen!  With spring on the horizon, this is a perfect little snack for inviting that big white bunny right into your home!

Easy Kit Kat Spring Dippers

Directions by the Tots for making these simple dippers:

Start with chocolate, 2 pieces (mom adds, about 1/2 cup white chocolate chips) and some Kit Kat bars. You get Kit Kat bars at the store in the candy department. They have a lot of candy there, and it will be hard to choose. Look for for the red packages.

Buy some orange, pink, purple, and blue sprinkles; oh and some white chocolate.  The white chocolate might be near the candy lane too.  Then you will go home.

Take your Kit Kat bars out of the wrappers and put them on wax paper.

Melt white chocolate on the stove with a double boiler and add a drop of lavender food color (says mom), and quickly dip the ends of the Kit Kat bars into the white chocolate. Drizzle white chocolate over a few of them too!  Then put your sprinkles on, slowly if you do not want many and really shake them on fast if you want a lot of them.

Let them cool for just a minute or something before you start eating them. They won’t last long, so try to hide some from your little sister or brother before they know how many you made.

If your mom sees you hiding them, just say “Millie, my imaginary friend ate them,” and go straight to your room.” She will be busy cleaning the dishes and probably will leave you alone for a little bit.

If you eat too many Kit Kat dippers, your mom will be like “where are the Kit Kat bars?”  My belly won’t hurt, but Millie’s might.

Easy Kit Kat Spring Dippers        Easy Kit Kat Spring Dippers