Campfire Chili Recipe warms the family on a cold winter day

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I love to cook.  I really do. And if I had the time, my children would be treated to a four course meal, made from scratch, with vegetables cut into the shapes of flowers and puppy dogs every day.

But I am a real mom.  And real moms use canned foods to cook.  Sometimes more than once a week.  I might be known to do it every day and I have no shame in it!  And really, on days when you just don’t feel like it, canned food helps! 

Now, I know some people who frown upon using canned food to create healthy, delicious meals for their family.  But, in most cases, food from the can is just as nutritious as food from the produce aisle.  And it lasts a lot longer packed away in an air tight container, too.   I mean, after all, most are picked and canned immediately and then sealed in for freshness!

Campfire Chili Recipe #CansGetYouCooking

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In fact, they did this big study at the University of California that proved that canned food have the same nutrients as their frozen and fresh buddies!  Plus, let’s face it, a well stocked ‘cannery’ can come in handy.  Especially if you just had to throw out all of those fruits and vegetables that you thought you were going to use that week!

My ‘cannery’ is pretty well stocked.

One of my all time favorite recipe that I tweak according to what is in my pantry, comes from my mom.  I loved this recipe growing up and my kids love it today.  It literally takes less than 7 minutes to make Campfire Chili!

The main ingredient?  Canned foods!

Campfire Chili Recipe

1 lb ground beef (I use lean), ground turkey, ground pork or ground sausage

2 Cans of Minestrone Soup (I substitute hearty Beef and Vegetable Soups sometimes too)

1 Can Ranch Style beans

1 Can Rotel Tomates

Brown the beef.  If you are using lean beef, turkey or another lean meat that does not produce a lot of fat, you don’t have to drain it.  Add the Minestrone Soup (or variation), beans, tomatoes and bring to a boil.  Turn off the stove and let it sit. Serve when it is at a temperature you can stand!

I top mine with shredded cheese.  You can also top with onions, sour cream or crackers!

Seriously, it probably took you longer to read the instructions than it did to make it!

The other night I made Campfire Chili and I used Italian Sausage!  Plus I use a hearty beef stew in a can in substitution of one can of Minestrone.  It was DELICIOUS!

Spice it up for your man or spice it down for the kids!  With meat, veggies and awesome flavor, it is a great go-to meal for those super busy days when you just need a can to bail you out!

Campfire Chili Recipe #CansGetYouCooking

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