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Easter is coming upon us quickly and we wanted to take this moment to Wish You a Very Special Easter Holiday!  Making the day memorable each year for our children is a welcomed event in our home! Though everyone may celebrate Easter in various ways, many of us design a very special basket to mark the day.  This year we were invited to try some extravagantly rich chocolate and candies from SweetWorks® and we are delighted to share some ideas with you!

How to make an Easter Basket

My Tots were super excited to give you some ideas for creating a very special Easter Basket and some of our favorite treats in them!  Hop-Hop-Hoppity with spring glee, I hope you enjoy these ideas from my Tots!

How to make an Easter Basket

Tots’ Take: Kids love chocolate, you have to know this by now. It does not matter if it is melted in the cracks of the car or in the bottom of mom’s purse.  (Fresh chocolate is always best of course). After trying the Niagara Chocolates® from SweetWorks® we have just found a new favorite!

Mom: These chocolates are so rich and smooth, they satisfy every craving my sweet tooth can conjure up.  Decadent flavors that melt in your mouth might leave you keeping them from the Tots.  I have no problem with hiding in a closet to enjoy the last bite of chocolate without taking the blame; but alas my children understand my love of chocolate and usually give me dibs.

How to make an Easter Basket

Tots’ Take: Gumballs are always a good buy when you are making any kind of basket for a kid.  You can chew gumballs during a baseball game, while finishing your homework or even while you color in your coloring book.  I’m sure I talk less while I am chewing gum too, so that’s pretty  much a home-run since I tend to talk all of the time.

Mom: These gumballs come in vibrant, pearl colors that are just absolutely fun for any occasion! We have used the SweetWorks® gumballs at birthday parties, baby showers and even wedding showers. They are beautifully versatile with a sweet juicy flavors that everyone can appreciate!

How to make an Easter Basket

Tots’ Take: This is one candy that I think I might need to watch. My dad and mom seem to really enjoy these and it would be just like them to eat them in the closet (like we do not know)… They are crunchy on the outside, but have chocolate on the inside which makes them for kids. The are great for baskets, I am concerned that I am just now finding out about Sixlets®.

Mom: Okay so Sixlets® take us back to times when we were small children, and taste just as wonderful as we remember.  The beautiful colors make them a perfect addition to several of  my baking confections! I have used them on cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes and more!  Using the Sixlets® for decorations on my cakes and cookies never fails to woo a crowd.  They add so much more than the perfect color with their rich chocolatey middle!

Creating a special Easter basket will be amazingly simple with SweetWorks this year!

How to make an Easter Basket

SweetWorks is our One Stop Shop for Easter Candy and Chocolates!

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