I admit it.  I am horrible about remembering to give my kids their vitamins.  Or, more honestly, I can’t stand that I can not find any they like and so they simply flat our refuse to take them!

But knowing that Dr Sears is a brand devoted to providing quality products for children, I decided that they were certainly worth trying on my picky girls!  Especially since cold and flu season is around the corner and I don’t want them to miss any school!

We received three boxes to sample, the Kids Multivitamin All-Natural Fruit Chews, the Omega-3 DHA Fruit Chews and the Immune Plus Fruit Chews.  

The Omega-3 DHa Fruit Chews in the Acai Berry flavor (they also available in Strawberry) were my kids favorite.  Which was fine with me!  Omega-3’s play a key role in eyes, brain and nervous system development.  And Dr Sears products use the highest quality of fish oil protected by SafeSource so you know you are getting the best out there!  My 2 year old, really loved the berry flavor.  She says they are, “Yummy in my tummy.”

The Immune Plus Fruit Chews have Vitamin C & D, and Zinc and Selenium.  They are just what they say, protection for your child’s immune system.  We have the Citrus flavor but they are also available in Pomegranate-Blueberry.  I have to say, I tried these too and I liked the Citrus flavor!  My Megan chomped these down as well!  And if a two year old likes it, at least my two year old, they must be pretty good!  Keep a box nearby and avoid unnecessary sick days!

We also received the Dr. Sears Kids Multivitamin All-Natural Fruit Chews.  They can also be found in Pineapple-Mango.  I love these because my kids love these.  And because I know that they contain 18 essential vitamins and minerals, that makes my Mommy side very happy!

Next time your at the store, or online, look for Dr. Sears entire line of NEW Fruit Chew Vitamins for your kids.  Finally, a vitamin that my kids love and will take every day!  No more lazy Mom guilt!  A+!

**I received these products for review purposes only.  My opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclaimer Policy for more information.**