As you know, my girls – especially my Sarah – are Dora addicts.  They are also dress up players and princess lovers.  So this 3 DVD movie set from the creative minds at Nick Jr, Dora’s Storybook Adventures is right up their alley!

Dora’s Fairytale Adventure, the first DVD in the set,  sees Dora and Boots discovering the gate to Fairy-Tale Land.  When Boots is cast under a spell from the mean witch in Fairy-Tale Land, Sleeping Boots must get a hug from Princess Dora!

Also on this DVD, is an episode titled What Happens Next that follows Dora as she tries to become a star catcher and The Magic Stick which will only work if Dora and Boots get to the top of the highest hill.

The second DVD in this three disc set is Dora saves the Snow Princess.  The girls and I watched this on television when it came out and it is a treat for any Dora fan.  When the mean witch takes away La Princess Sabrina’s magic snow crystal and locks her in a tower, Dora and friends must rescue her.  Included in this DVD are episodes that show Dora trying to fix a Jack-In-The-Box for her twin siblings and her dog, Perrito, finding his long lost twin puppy brother.

The final movie in the pack is Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom.  When a greedy king steals some from Dora’s friend’s crystals, Dora must help her get them back.  Dora uses three gifts given to her by the British knight to get them back and restore full color to the kingdom.

Additionally, the First day of School episode where Boots and Tico are excited about their first day of school and Boot’s Banana Wish where he is overwhelmed with falling bananas are also on this DVD.

This DVD set is the perfect Christmas gift for that Dora fan!  Buy Dora’s Storybook Adventures September 13, 2011 and have them on hand for that rainy days, sleep over or any other event where little girls can gather with popcorn and giggles!

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