Dora is one of my children’s favorite characters.  But as they grow it will be hard to take the Dora they love now with them!  Luckily, Dora is growing up and she and the Explorer girls are just as adventurous!

Dora’s Explorer Girls (available May 15, 2012) sees Dora all grown up and moving to Puerto Verde, with her family and new friends, Emma, Kate, Naiya, and Alana – the Explorer Girls!  Excited about the Shakira concert, Dora and her Explorer Girls friends can not find the tickets!  Realizing that they accidentally mixed their tickets with their charity donations for the concert they head out on an adventure to find the tickets!  They race again the clock in hopes of making the concert in time!

My girls are supposed to be a little young for this DVD at 5, 4 and 2 but they still ripped the plastic off, opened the movie and begged to see what Dora was like all grown up.  My eldest who is almost six seemed to really re-engage with Dora in this movie.  She danced and sang with the music and kept reveling in how beautiful Dora and her friends were.  Dora carries that same innocent charm that she has as a youngster and is just as endearing!

Dora’s Explorer Girls is perfect for that set of fans who might be too old for the younger Dora but not too old for animated, educational musicals.  Even Sarah, at 4 was thrilled as Dora and the Explorer Girls as they overcame obstacles, thought through problems and leaned on each other for ideas and support.

The Explorer Girls are fun and excited to run through Puerto Verde with their friend and add a level of maturity to this movie that appeals to the older set.  Instead of animals and trolls, they are beautiful, confident girls that support Dora, come up with great ideas and make this movie a lot of fun for everyone!

Enjoy catchy tunes and music that you are thrilled to dance with your kids to in this movie!  Make sure you pay attention to the wonderful song “Todos Juntos” sung by Shakira, Dora and the Explorer Girls!  You will be up and dancing in no time!

I, personally, hope that Paramount and Nickelodeon make more of these ‘Dora’s all grown up movies.’  I know my girls would love to get to know the Explorer Girls a little more, learn new songs and see more new adventures!  And as my girls grow up they can take a familiar friend with them!

Purchase your Dora’s Explorer Girls: Our First Concert and watch your kids fall in love with Dora all over again!

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