Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Ice Skating Spectacular

The Ice Witch is up to no good this holiday season! Dora the Explorer is on a mission to make sure all of the ice skates are restored to their owners in this sweet adventure to save the Ice Princess. My girls love the Dora the Explorer Ice Skating Adventure and it is a bubbly and completely adorable DVD!  With the help of her pals, Dora keeps peace over the icy wonderland.

dora the explorerWith the help of her puppy, Perrito, Dora helps to save boots too! My girls and I watched this film as soon as we received it in the mail. We just could not wait to see her latest snow journey, and it did not disappoint! Dora is favorite in this home and I love the message that my girls get from her kindness.

My Sarah will be Dora for Halloween this year so she really soaked up this movie and the adventure inside! With three full episodes inside, the kids get to use counting, songs and even Spanish to help Dora and her friends get the ice skates back from the Ice Witch, save the runaway train and save Boots from the big river! And now I have three girls with socks on wanting to skate through the house, which I love!

Climb aboard the ice fantasy and watch with your kids while skimming over the ice in your pretend skates!

The Holidays are coming so be sure to collect this Stocking Stuffer in stores November 5, 2013 or preorder it online (with free shipping) now!

Congratulations to Mihaela D. !!!!