Sarah is a Dora addict.  Megan is a Boots addict and Katie thinks Swiper is pretty cool.  When TV time comes around, Dora the Explorer is at the top of the list of requests!

So when the opportunity came to me to not only get a Dora the Explorer and Friends Magazine for my girls to “review”, but also to become an affiliate to help promote this fun, colorful, creative magazine, I jumped at the chance!

Since I can only write from my perspective about how much fun my girls had flipping through the magazine, playing the games, working together to get Dora out of the maze, and wore the magazine down to its bare threads before we had to bid it ado, I thought I would bring in a guest interview!

Please welcome Sarah!  My 3 year old with a lifelong love of all things Dora!

May I ask you some questions, Sarah?:

SARAH: Yes Mommy.

Me:  Sarah, what did you think of the Dora the Explorer and Friends Magazine you got in the mail?

Sarah:  Mommy, it was so cool!  And I want another one on the computer.  Can you get me another one?  Please Mommy?

Me: Sarah, what was your favorite things about the magazine?

Sarah:  Mommy, I want the one with the stickers.  I liked the stickers.  They were fun and sticky.  And there was Dora, and Boots, and Swiper, and Tico, and Iza, and ‘Abwewa’

Me:  Do you think you would like to have the magazine come in the mail again to you?

Sarah:  Ohhh, mommy, please, please can I have it?  Can I go get it from the mailbox now?

Me:  Oh honey, we’ll have to wait until it is delivered!  Sarah, do you remember anything else about the Dora magazine that you liked?

Sarah:  ‘Member mommy, they had a party and there were presents and games and presents and BIRTHDAY CAKE!  Can we have a party mommy? Can Dora come to my party?

Me: Maybe on your birthday honey.

And that about sums up her attention span for me.  Though she gave the Dora the Explorer and Friends Magazine at least two full days!

Needless to say, she really loved it!  And we have it on our list of definite birthday presents for the girls this year!

If you child loves Dora, Diego, or any of the other characters that explore with them every day then this magazine will be an amazing addition to your home!  Not only is it fun and colorful, but it aids children in the learning of problem solving skills, early reading, and math.

You know I love educational products and this one is the gift that, literally, keeps on giving!  Time after time, your little one(s) will run out to the mail box in anticipation of their next issue!

But while you are waiting, you can download and print these FREE coloring pages for your little one!  Thank you Titan Magazine for providing these to my readers FREE!


Dora_DoraColor (2)

So, how can YOU get Dora the Explorer and Friends Magazine for your Dora and Diego fanatic?

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