In the spirit of childhood imagination, favorite characters acting out favorite stories is always a fun mix. Dora the Explorer has lived in my house for years now and is a serious obsession of my 6 year old, Sarah. She wears Dora’s favorite color – purple – has all of the houses, toys and books and talks about her all the time. So when I received Dora in Wonderland in the mail, she demanded that we sit and watch it right away!


Dora in Wonderland

This DVD is full of adventure and fun as Dora and Boots go through the magical world of Wonderland in this double feature movie. They catch Dora’s kittens in the Queen’s Tea Party, eat and drink their way through adventure with song and story all while evading the Knave of Hearts (Swiper).

My girls LOVED this DVD and we have now watched it many times over. It will be a hit with any Nick or Dora lover and mom’s will appreciate the hidden education within the story.

With the bonus feature, Book Explorers included, this DVD offers book love, classic story twists and more.

The title comes out March 4, 2014 so be sure to preoder or mark your calendars today!

Congratulations Melanie M., Sonya N., & Stephanie M.!!!

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