So I am jumping up and down excited to start sharing with you – my pet loving- readers, the new dog charm products from DogCollarCharms.com!

I LOVE these charms!

The one of a kind, customized dog charms can be exclusively ordered through www.DogCollarCharms.com!

The process is so incredibly easy.  I entered the site, clicked on the bone that says “Start Now” and uploaded my picture of my dear Lab Mix, Lexi.  She is a black dog so I snapped her picture against a white background to best show her off.   I loaded the picture, used the edit tool to center her on the tag and clicked next.

In hindsight, I wish I had show her outside with more light.  The tags are printed in Sephia and she does not show as well as I thought she would.  I can easily still tell it is her, but I think my photography skills could have been a little better!

All that was left was to choose a border color.  That was easy, especially since Sarah was right next to me and screaming, “Purple!  Purple!”!

Purple it was!

I then ordered another two charms that I am going to take to a dog park this weekend and hand out to some dog owners.

I want to not only see other people’s reactions, but I want to know if they love them as much as I do!

I chose a picture with my neighbors six puppies, in a circle, eating dinner.  The picture, in real life, is fabulous.  And on the tag, it looks amazing.  But I would say that it might be a better use of space on the 1″ x 1″ tag to keep the ‘characters’ to a minimum!  So, maybe just one puppy head would have made the image pop a little more!

When I get people’s opinions on that at the dog park, I will certainly share it with you all!

I received my charms in record time.  Like, less than a week after I ordered them!  For a personalized, special product such as this, I would have expected it to take a lot longer!

I, excitedly, opened my package and placed Lexi’s on her collar!  It really “pops” against her black coat and she seems a little more proud that usual with it on.

Totally my own observation, of course!

Made of highly durable glass, my pictures are infused into the charm to not only give them a very unique look, but to ensure that they last a lifetime!

These personalized dog charms will make the perfect gift for your dog or for a friend or family member who lovestheir dogs as much as I do!

Take a moment to click through this slide show to see how I ordered my charms and how much I, clearly, love them!

and look around.  Find out how Sara, the creator, came up with the idea and take a moment to read the blog which features real pet owners talking about these one of a kind charms!

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