I told you last week how creative and amazing DogCollarCharms.com is!  I continue to love Lexi’s charm and people comment and ask about it all the time!

I decided to take some charms on the road, so to speak, and head to my local dog park, kids, dog, and charms in tow!

We headed to my favorite park, the Millie Bush Bark Park.  A fabulous park with dual lakes, a small dog area, and lots of baggies to keep it clean!

I went last Friday and checked in on Foursquare!

Lexi ran and played with the dogs that were there while I scoped out people to share the awesomeness of these unique charms!

The first owner and dog I met were Trisha and her 7 month old puppy, Lily!  What a fabulous pair!  Lily, as all young pups should, ran around and jumped in excitement at the anticipation to play with our Lexi.  The girls laughed and chased her while I chatter up Trisha.

What a wonderful gal!  And so in love with her pup!  I showed her the charms I had made with the six puppies eating from a bowl and she reacted appropriately.  Awww -how cute!

I asked her what she thought of the dog collar charms and if she would consider buying one for herself.  She said “Absolutely” and seemed really intrigued by them.  We talked some more about how affordable the charms were, I shared how durable they were, and talked to her about what an awesome gift they would be for a friend!

We said good bye and I went about finding another dog and owner for another charm.

I spotted  man sitting under a tree watching his two dogs play happily and decided he was my next candidate.  Along the way, I handed out the cards showing how easy it is to upload and order a DogCollarCharm.com tag!


I introduced myself and met his two dogs, Chili and Pepper.  Yes, I thought what was incredibly cute too!

I showed him the charm and told him all about the company.  And then we got onto the subject of how they were made.  He was really interested in how they got the picture into the charm!  I explained that the pictures were embedded into the glass.

He said, “Oh, so they just slide it in?”  I said, “Nope, it is actually really in the glass, totally enclosed, and virtually undestroyable!  He really liked that and said he would definitely consider purchasing them for his two dogs!

I went about my business sharing with the other owners at the Milli Bush Bark Park my new love of DogCollarCharms.com.  I met some amazing people and even more amazing dogs.  I shed a tear over a man who was there for the last time with his 14 year old male Beagle.  He was letting him hang around the dog park one more time before they put him down that afternoon.

A simple reminder that these guys are not here that long and celebrating them any chance we get is important!

After a while, and running out of my cards to hand out, I gathered Lexi and the girls and we headed out for some much deserved ice cream!  It was really a nice day and I was glad to be able to share DogCollarCharms.com with such great people!


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