A week or so ago I got to dress up and cruised the Red Carpet, photo bombing Mila Kunis along the way, at the Oz The Great and Powerful World Premier.  I was dressed to the nines and was feeling like I really belonged there!

One of the reasons I felt so unique and glamorous was because of the amazing jewelry I was wearing!


Diamonius.com was generous enough to send me their Duchess Necklace and Duchess Earrings to sport with my dress on the Red Carpet.  The day I received it, I, literally, swooned!  I took photos and sent it to anyone and everyone I could think of.  These were really beautiful pieces created from the inspiration from Princess Diana’s engagement ring that now rests on Kate, the Princess of Cambridge’s, finger.  Check out the diamond simulant ring that goes with the set, too!


If you have never heard of Diamonius.com then you need to favorite the website now!!

Diamonius uses only the highest quality lab created diamond simulants as substitutes for naturally mined diamonds. Diamonius diamond simulants truly capture all the brilliance and luxury of mined diamonds. Our Diamonius diamond simulants will not fade, discolor or cloud. Our diamond stimulants are colorless and flawless. Diamonius diamond simulants are visually indistinguishable from a mined diamond except by specialized gemologist equipment. Synthetic diamonds are to follow.

Every woman should have the opportunity to own extraordinary jewelry that is conflict-free, and has no negative environmental, economic or humanitarian effects. Diamonius’ philosophy is to provide all women with their dream jewelry at an affordable price without compromising luxury or elegance. We enable fashionistas to wear $150-200 rings that look visually identical to $2000-$8000 rings.

Now, I have to say, I am not a huge jewelry wearer.  In my daily life, earrings and necklaces and rings get tugged on and are the one thing I own that my girls always want to wear.  But my other conflict is that I really can not afford to get really nice jewelry and the costume stuff I do have falls apart or discolors way too easily.

The Diamonius jewelry that I received felt… well, real!  The weight of the stone is heavy on the necklace and the settings are tight and secure.  There are no loose prongs to snag or bother me and, the way these settings are made – with as much care as the priceless heirloom they mimic – clearly enhances the high quality look and style of the pieces.

On the big night, where I would be just feet from beautiful and elegant women wearing their own expensive pieces, I put on my Duchess Necklace and Earrings and instantly felt amazing!  That is what jewelry should do, after all.  Not only did the pieces completely enhance my outfit, but I received so many compliments from the other bloggers that I felt truly unique.


I wore my Diamonius Jewlery proudly all through the evening, the amazing movie, and the after party where I watched as Rachel Weisz chatted up Michelle Williams, Ashton Kutcher and other stars that I could not believe I was in the same room with.  I could not wait to get home and write my diamonius review!

It was a truly magical evening and it was made even more special by my amazing jewelry.

If you have an eye for the elegant and beautiful, and the desire to have jewels around your neck that didn’t hurt the environment to create, but the budget that goes more towards food in the house than expensive jewels in your ears, then bookmark Diamonius.com and shop there first when you need a new piece.

From original rings, necklaces and earrings to replicas of the World’s most famous pieces, this online store has it all!

And a special thanks to them for making me feel more glamorous than a mommy blogger really is, but really needs to feel every once in a while!

**I received the pieces discussed for review purposes only.  All writings, opinions and photos are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**