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I love nothing more than taking the lid off of a candle, lighting its wick and enjoying the gentle fragrance wafting through the air as I deal with my day to day activities.  It is just so nice to have one sitting on the window sill, flickering quietly for me to see.

My Cozy Cabin Candle

BUT, I might like that candle just a little more if it had-  oh I don’t know – a beautiful, actual REAL Ring hidden in it’s wax?!?

Introducing Diamond Candles!   The beautiful, eco  friendly, soy candle that has an actual ring hidden in its wax!  You’ll find it as it burns down!  The value of the rings run anywhere between $10 and $5000!  Just tucked right there for you to find!

The Gold Package is the Ring!

I received my candle yesterday and have been burning it non stop since I got it.  Well, almost non stop – a girl has to sleep!  Not only am I trying to get to my ring, but the gentle scent of ‘Cozy Cabin’ that I received is just wonderful.  Especially on these cold winter days.  The gentle aroma does remind me of a warm ski cabin in the woods.  It makes me want to put on some fuzzy slippers, grab a good glass of red wine and the one I love, and curl up to watch the fire under a thick blanket.

The Candle Yields a Pretty Ring!

I can’t wait to try the other scents like Fresh Snow and Carnival Candy!   Check out all of the wonderful scents here!

These candles are wonderful in their own right!  BUT the ring makes them that much more special!  Not only are these fun and innovative for your home, but these would make an awesome gift for friends, mothers, teachers and more!

I burned mine for hours and hours and finally got to the little gold package!  And inside was the prettiest gold ring!  Completely wearable and a true surprise IN the candle!  I don’t know which category on prices mine falls in and I don’t really care because it is just too sweet!

How Pretty is This? And in a Candle!

Take a moment to learn more about Diamond Candles and then enter below to WIN your own candle with your ring inside!

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**There are multiple blogs participating in this giveaway.  There are approximation 30 candles to be won!  Diamond Candles is responsible for the choosing of the winners and the delivery of the prizes.



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