My youngest daughter has always had sensitive skin.  The kind of sensitive that wants to make you run to the doc every time you see new red patches because the one time  you were not sure, she ended up allergic to kid’s body wash and covered in hives.  Learning my lesson early on has prevented many trips to the doc and has saved my sanity.  Being a super picky parent about what I put on her skin is second nature for me; and I proudly trust her skin to Oh My DeVita Baby Products!

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 The Oh My DeVita Baby products use pure natural ingredients and are free from chemicals, additives and artificial fragrances.  They provide sensitive comfort for newborn infants and children with easily irritated skin.   Caring for delicate skin is a priority for Oh My DeVita Baby washes, lotions, powder and balm.  All of the products that we have tried exceed my expectations in quality; providing soft, clean skin while remaining non-toxic, vegan and paraben free!

baby devita

My daughter loves her bath and having products that provide excellent cleansing capabilities in collaboration with sweet fun make my job so much easier!  We were instantly impressed with the body wash and shampoo!  The formula is clear, unscented and still produced some serious suds!

baby devita

 The Oh My DeVita Baby line offers a nice array of baby bathing products that I would be proud to gift to any expecting mother! They make filling a sweet baby basket delightfully comforting knowing that infants to toddlers will be free from potentially harmful chemicals. The light and fluffy powder provides protection without talc, is it 100% vegan and probiotcially enhanced.

baby devita

Enjoying such a quality product is easy knowing that the Oh My DeVita Baby line is devoted to protecting sensitive skin! We love these products and hope that you check them out for your own sweet babes or new mommies.  Giving the very best to our children during bath time can be such a precious gift; Oh My DeVita Baby products have removed all the worry with skin sensitivities!

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