One of the hardest things I find to buy for myself is a good pair of jeans.  Most are too low cut for me,  are too tight in the waist and too loose in the legs, or just don’t make me look good at all.  And since I am a little heavier then I used to be – thanks kids… and cookies, I struggle even more to find some that I feel confident wearing.

Recently, I was sent a pair of the new jean by Lev’si, deNiZen Jeans.  Sold exclusively at Target and, these jeans are right in line with the quality denim that we are used to seeing from Levi’s.

And I may have a new jean!  This denim is much more forgiving than the traditional jean.  The stretch fabric easily molds to me and enhances my “good” while hiding my “bad”!  Not an easy task for me to ask of my jeans, that is for sure!

I like that the waist, at least in the boot cut jeans I ordered, were actually to my waist, and that they compacted my “fluffy zone” without having it spill out like a muffin.  They fit really well around on my hind side and cut just right to the legs. No baggy middle or droopy hiney.   They are snug, bit not tight, easy to wear and as gentle on my pocketbook as they are on my figure!

It’s like they were made just for me!

Mainly priced between a very affordable $17.99 to $29.99 for the whole family, deNiZen jeans offer a myriad of styles and colors to fit your every day needs!

I really do like these jeans and was SHOCKED when I saw how inexpensive they were!

Head to now and look around, grab a pair and fall in denim happiness like I did!

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**I received a pair of jeans for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are mine.  Please see my disclaimers page for full details.**