I can not wait to tell you guys about DecalMyWall.com!

The receiving of this product prompted a total redecoration of my one year old daughter’s room.  We are talking paint, scrubbed to the hilt, rearranging happiness!

All for this decal!

Now THAT is a good product!

I’ll admit, when I first went on the site, I was a little overwhelmed!  There are so many awesome decals from flowers to expressions and wall quotes to holiday decals!  And because the decal is purchased online, you can customize your order to color and size!

So, I chose a few that were my favorites, after a long time of back and forth and “this would look great in this room, and this would look great in this room…” and marked the pages.

And  then, while scouring the kids section, I saw it.

The perfect decal!  For my perfect youngest daughter!

Unfortunately, the site did not provide instant tissues!

It was perfection!

Suddenly I imagine pale blush walls, baby crosses and delicate artwork hanging on the walls to compliment the decal!


I went to measure Megan’s wall so that I would have the right size for her room and then got to work choosing the right colors to compliment what would soon be her new room!

The day that I got the DecalMyWall.com order, I checked to make sure the colors were good and headed to the paint store.  Over the next week, I removed all of her items, painted the room, scrubbed the floorboards, and rearranged her artwork.

And then it was time for the decal.

It was so simple to adhere!

I just taped the corners of the decals to the wall, used a level to make sure they were straight and then carefully removed the back layer to expose the adhesive on the sign!

The whole application took about 30 minutes.  But for non particular folks, maybe 20 minutes!

I stepped back and felt a little tear come to my eye.  It was perfection and tied the room up in a little, beautiful, baby girl bow!

And the best part of the decal is that the kids can not get it off the wall!  Because it adheres so well, they can not get curious, take it off and smash it into smithereens right in front of your face.

I speak from experience!

I really, really love Megan’s room now and I only have DecalMyWall.com to thank for it!  So get over there, get inspired, and redecorate a room in your house.   You can customize one of theirs or download your own image and make one even more personal!  How cool is THAT?!?

Luckily, DecalMyWall.com wants to help you on your journey to a more personal home by giving 2 of my readers gift credits to use on their site!


DecalMyWall.com will award two (2) of my readers gift codes to use in their orders.  The first winner drawn will win a $25 credit and the second drawn will win $10.

Giveaway ends Friday July 1 at 11:49pm CST.

Open to US Residents, 18+


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