In my previous reviews you have met my children- Joe and Lorelai.  I also have 2 stepdaughters, for their privacy I’ll just refer to them as M and G.  M is almost 16 and G will be 11 in a month.  Yes, it IS a jungle around here.

This also means that I am no longer in control of the TV.  If it’s not Scooby-Doo or Strawberry Shortcake, then it’s Jessie or iCarly…and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode of all of then, twice.  So when I was asked to review Dance Academy, Seasons 1 and 2,  I’m pretty sure I did some sort of “touchdown dance”, and may or may not have let out a little scream of joy.

My stepdaughters came over for the weekend, so this was a perfect time to put Dance Academy to the test….and we went all out.  Popcorn was made.  Pillows were all over the floor and the Pizza Man was en route.

Dance Academy

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When you’re sixteen, life is rarely simple. In fact, there’s enough to keep you on your toes in normal circumstances. But what if you were also living away from home at the country’s top dance academy? Meet Tara Webster, who grew up on a country farm, but has always dreamed of being a professional dancer. When she’s admitted to Australia’s prestigious National Academy of Dance, she feels like all of her dreams are about to come true — but the school is tougher and more competitive than she ever imagined. 


Far from home, and way behind on her dance training, Tara feels like a fish out of water, but she knows one thing — she’s not alone on this journey. In Sydney, she meets new friends, good-hearted Kat and good-guy Sammy, and falls hard for a new crush, Ethan. To round out her crew, there’s “mean girl” Abigail, a more experienced dancer who sees Tara as a threat, and Christian, an adrenaline junkie with a troubled past. Together they manage the pressures of exams, crushes and dancing, all the while knowing that at the end of the year not everyone makes the cut.


Tara returns from the holidays excited to have been awarded a first year scholarship, but the rest of the year is full of challenges no one could have seen coming. The group continues to put all their effort into dancing, but along the way some battle eating disorders, struggle with their parents, overcome physical injury and even deal with big breakups. With the end-of-year Nutcracker performance approaching, can the Academy group pull it together? And does Tara really have what it takes to stand center stage? 


It was a rocky first year, but ultimately Tara got everything she wanted: a place in the top dance school in the country, friends she’ll know forever and she fell in love – twice! She even danced the role of her dreams. So Second Year should be a piece of cake. Right? In SEASON 2 VOLUME 1, Tara reunites with her friends and discovers the exciting news that they can all compete in a prestigious ballet competition, Prix de Fonteyn, to determine the best dancer in the world. Teacher Miss Raine spells it out for them: “Make no mistakes. Second Year counts. And you are all in competition.” Everyone must work harder than they’ve ever worked before on the dance floor and in life. 


Tara soared to great heights during her first year at the Academy, but by her second year she’s learned that being on top – in dance, in life, in love – only makes for a long fall back down. In Season 2 Volume 2 the stakes are higher, the lows are lower, and the competitions are exhilarating. Tara and the entire crew must manage tragedy, relationships and the ultimate final showdown performance. Above all else, it’s their friendship that held them together this long. Will it carry them through into their third year?


Dance Academy on DVD

Before we knew it we had finished the first half of Season 1 and it was WAY past bedtime for the girls.  Now, I’m going to let you all in on a little secret….but you have to PROMISE not to tell anyone…ok?   Pinky swear?  Good.  I may have stayed up and watched the rest of Season 1 by myself.  Yes.  You read that right.  I have officially become hooked on Dance Academy.  Thank you for that TeenNICK.

M is going on 16 years old and honestly wants nothing to do with girly stuff.  She’s into skateboards, music, and scary movies.  G is almost 11 and is a girl through and through.  She likes Barbies, dressing up, playing with makeup, jewelry, etc.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Before they left to go home I asked them what they thought.  M thought that Dance Academy was really “cool” and she really liked watching the hip-hop dancing.  G loved the ballet dancing and seeing the boyfriend-girlfriend “drama” unfold.

If you have tweens or teens….or anything in between….I highly recommend you they watch this.  (I will also say that my 5 and 6 year olds also enjoyed watching- although some of the scenes and subject area are beyond their comprehension at this time- they just liked the dancing).  And what better way to watch Dance Academy than by winning a FREE copy?!  A Day in Motherhood, Flatiron Film Company, and TeenNICK are giving away one full SET, that’s right- Season One AND Season Two, to one lucky winner!!!

Thank you to Real Mom, Bonnie, for this awesome review!

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