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Find your phone and those Important Things in a Jiffy with Cube Tracker

This weekend I updated everyone. I got my new iPhoneX and gave my middle daughter my old iPhone 6. I then gave her LG to my youngest. It was not the most fun in the world but I am glad it is done. Not long after everyone had their phones, my oldest yelled out that she could not find her Samsung. She ‘looked everywhere, Mom!’ Her phone is black and in a black case so when she loses it, she loses it. We tried the Find my phone app, retraced her steps and everything we could think of. It was not until I remembered that I had put a Cube Tracker on every phone that we found it. Face down on our dark brown couch, slightly hidden in the cushions.

Find those Important Things in a Jiffy with Cube Tracker for your phone

Anyone with keys, phones, tablets or kids knows that things get lost in a moment. My key fob goes missing at least once a week as kids take it to ‘get something out of the car, Mom.’ Luckily, the very popular and versatile Cube Trackers has saved me more search time than anything else!

Surely you have already heard of the Cube Tracker and know that it is a top seller for a reason! After using it in my house for a while now, I can see why! Check out the Cube Tracker and it’s benefits below!

Why You Have to Have a Cube Tracker:

  • 1 Year Battery life – Replaceable Battery – When your battery dies, just replace it.

  • Long Distance – The Cube Tracker app’s map shows you the location where your item was last seen. Once you’re there, your item Cube Trackerwill be within 100 feet.

  • Phone Finder – It can also work in reverse instead of locating your lost keys you can push the button on the CUBE device and find your lost phone.

  • Takes Photos – The Cube tracker can even be set up to use as a shutter button for the camera on your phone. Just open up the Cube app and then choose which unit you want to serve as the shutter for your selfie camera. Then select the camera icon. Then you can press the button on the tracker device to snap a selfie.

  • Waterproof! Cube is Waterproof – Can withstand more than 1.5 inches of water.

Find those Important Things in a Jiffy with Cube Tracker for your keys

Starting with the Cube Tracker is so easy! Just download the app and use it to find your keys, your phone and even to take selfies on your phone! I am technologically challenged and I managed to get all of the phones on and my keys able to be found in a matter of moments!

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