We were SO excited for the chance to review Cravings Gourmet Popcorn!!!!  Who doesn’t love popcorn???  The minute the UPS man came to the door my kids were jumping with excitement!!!  Of course we had to open it immediately!!!!  Who cares that it was 10  minutes before dinner…this is GOURMET POPCORN, MOM!!!!!

There were THREE flavors in our tin.  Cheddar cheese, white cheddar and molasses caramel sea salt!!!  Not one of them was a disappointment.  The first thing I noticed was how FRESH it tasted.  For something that had to be shipped to my house, it was amazingly fresh.  Tasted like it had just been popped.  Then I noticed the slip that was shipped with it letting me know when the popcorn was packed, shipped and who packed it.

It was packed and shipped on 10/7 and we received it 10/9.  VERY good shipping time.  No wonder it tasted as fresh as it did!

Not only did the kids love all 3 flavors, but my husband and I did too.  The molasses caramel sea salt was PERFECTION.  PERFECTION!!!!  It was just the right blend of sweet and salty.   It also does NOT taste like store bought caramel corn.  It is very fresh and the caramel is chewy, not hard!!!   My MOUTH  IS WATERING  just writing this out!!!

The kids requested I put some of this in zip lock baggies for their lunch treat the day after we received it!  What a great treat at lunchtime!!!  They surely enjoyed it.

Each of us had our favorites for sure.  Mine was definitely the molasses caramel sea salt, as was my husbands.  My daughters both like the white cheddar and my son’s favorite was the cheddar cheese!  Ended up being pretty perfect that we all liked a different one!

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